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JET Alumni

We currently have several JET alumni on our HTM team contributing in areas of Japan business process design, marketing, and software development. The cross-cultural experience that former JET participants have gained by living and working in Japan has prepared them to quickly make significant contributions to our team.

Former JET Participants Now At HTM

"I studied Software Engineering at university in Australia and spent two and a half years on the JET Program from 2011 in Gunma Prefecture. At HTM, I develop software to help our business and clients work more efficiently.  Last year I lead a learning stream on business processes. This year, I'm the HTM Toastmasters Club President."

- Rohan

"After studying Psychology, I joined the JET Program in Toyama Prefecture from 2012 to 2014. I now work at HTM as a process designer, where I develop reliable processes used to prepare annual tax and social insurance reports for over a hundred companies."

- Ashley

"After studying Japanese and Linguistics at university in the UK, I joined the JET Program and was placed in Hyogo Prefecture from 2013 to 2015. Since entering HTM I have had the opportunity to learn about payroll and social insurance in Japan and I am currently working on designing new processes for the company."

- Elanor

"I'm enthusiastic about finance and upon finishing my three year tenure on JET in Fukushima Prefecture, I have been able to follow my interests and continue to develop my Japanese since entering HTM. I've learned about Accounting and Finance in Japan, and am currently a team manager working with over 15 people."

- Paul

"I've always wanted to work in an environment that supports foreign companies in Japan. After working in Fukuoka for four years on the JET Program I found myself at HTM. I work as a process designer where I have the chance learn about current processes and how they can be improved. The contributions I make have a difference in the company and give satisfaction to our clients.”

- Kris

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